Wednesday, 23 May 2007

This is for my students of 1st Bachillerato, I.E.S. Mariana Pineda.
We are talking about TV programmes, so here you can watch one of the most popular TV comedy series in Britain.

Enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

Hi!!I´m Laura.Well this serie is so right.I think that it would be more funny but there are some minutes that I enjoy a lot.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm Marián.I´ve seen these series and I like them because they are funny, but there are some things that I don´t understand.

dani said...

I think this serie is very funny but I only understand some things because they speak very fast.

El otro del 10 said...

Hi, tacher! At first,I want to remember you that you owe us, to Héctor and me, a great 10; I don´t want to be weary, but it´s true.
With regard to series, it´s a humor too much English, but it´s funny (though there is nobody so graceful like Mr. Bean and Tony Blair...).
And, to finish, I want to thank you for the 10 that you will put me, bye!.
Charles Ruiz.