Friday, 25 May 2007


This task is for my students of 4th E.S.O., I.E.S. Mariana Pineda.

Imagine you are Kathy and give adive to those teengaers'problems.

Dear Kathy,
Please help me. I'm nearly seventeen, but everytime I go out at night I have to tell my parents where I'm going and who I will be with. Then my dad tells me what time i have to be home. Last saturday I was half an hour late and he went mad! What can I do?
Try to understand your parents better. They worry about you and want to be sure that you're safe. Sit down with them. Maybe they will let you stay out later if you promise to phone them if you're going to be late.
Dear Kathy,
When I'm with my boyfriend, Bob, I always have a good time. We go to discos, films, and pop concerts together and when I?m with him I know I love him. The problem is that last week I met another boy, Jim. He's quieter than Bob but I can't stop thinking about him. Who do I love? Is it possible to love two people at the same time?
Dear kathy,
My mother and father are separated. My mother has a boyfriend and he moved into our house. The problem is that he abused of me once bgut I didn't say anything to my mum because she is very in love with him. What should I do?

Dear kathy,
My friend and I have saved a lot of money to go on holiday together. we have both worked hard for the money in our spare time and are both over sixteen. we want to have a hitch-hiking holiday together round Europe, but my parents say I can't go because it's too dangerous! My firend's parents are allowing her to go. What can I do to persuade my parents that I am old enough and responsible enough to look after myself now?


cristina said...

dear sarah:
if I were you, I would denouce to the police for they would do anything , but before that you go to the police should soy to your mumbecause she can go whit you .

Drazen and Angel said...

(the answer in 2)
Dear Sara:
you must talk to the police for denounce to him .If he touched you ,you should run to house of your friends and call inmediately to the police.
Drazen and Angel

Anonymous said...

2) You should say this to your mother although she is in love with him.It's sure that later to say this your mother split up with this bad person.

I think you must be more important, for your mother, than her boyfriend.


Anonymous said...

(2) i think you should denounce him and talk abount the problem with your mother. cristian saltos

Miguel said...

1)You do choose a boy.You think than Bob is your boyfriend and Jim is a strange.You do choose a boy because they findout tou and you can lost Bob and Jim.

2)You do say to your mum than his boyfriend abused of you.

3)You do stick with the decision of yours parents.You think than they do this for your good.
You can are angry but you can use the money for other things.

Miguel García.

<> ((Lucía Pinilla)) said...

Dear Mandy
You have a difficult problem, because the love, is very beautiful, but it's very dificult too.
Do you love Bob?Or, do you love Jim?
If you don't love Jim, you must tell to Bob all your feelings, because, this problem, make strong your love
Good luck!

Jose Alberto said...

1)Hello!! You can be with both of them but that can produce problem with Bob our Jim because they can fell jealous.

2)You have tell a your mother though she love a her.

3)You speak with your father and mother on the precautions that your have and to say to them that you madure .

Anonymous said...

Solution 1
Dear Mandy
Why you don't try to look for another boyfriend and split up with Bob. You should start a new relation.
Kathy(Luis Miguel López 4ºA)

Solution 2
Dear Sarah
You should denunce to the police your mother's boyfriend and you should talk with your mother about this problem too.
Kathy ( Luis Miguel López 4ºA)

Solution 3
Dear Carol
You should understand your parents, they worry about you because you are important for they. Why you don't try go to other place?
Kathy(Luis Miguel López 4ºA)

angel y drazen said...

Dear Carol:
I read your problem ,if I were you ,I should leave a note and I take this travel because carpe diem.I call to my parents every day.

Anonymous said...

1) hi!!
Don't worry Mandy your problem is very usual, but If I were you I would speak with my boyfriend and with this new boy and I would tell them that I've this problem. But you shouldn't spoil your relation because of a fantasy. Think about it better.
Ana Briceño

Anonymous said...

If I were you I will kill him but like it in´t moral I think you should denounce him,but fist of all you should tell it to your mother,I think that she will understand you and if she is a good mother she will be with you.


Anonymous said...

In the first place speak with your mother and if it does not work remembers that you have a father and you can find the solution.
valeria borbor

Nicolas said...

You should talk whith your mum about that problem ,cause that is a very serious problem, then you should denouce him to the police

victor said...

( the answer to the problem 1)
Dear Sara
You can't love to two boys .
you must to take some of time for think this ask and later you must dicide for one and try choose to the best boy for you